It's Our Treat Frequently Asked Questions:

Why am I paying a shipping and handling fee?

Due to the increased cost of products and shipping there has become a need to start charging a shipping and handling fee of $1.95 PER ORDER. This will be charged at checkout and will be $1.95 whether you buy just one certificate or multiple certificates within that order. CONSUMER TIP: If you are a frequent customer who typically buys multiple certificates in many different orders, we encourage you to combine your orders into one to incur fewer fees.

How will my certificate be delivered?

Certificates will be sent through the United States Postal Service. The delivery method will be noted in the product description for each venue.

When should I expect my certificate?

Physical certificates are mailed out once a week, on Wednesday afternoon.

Does my certificate expire?

Some do, some don't. If they expire, it will be noted in the product description on the It's Our Treat site, as well as on the physical certificate. A good rule of thumb to follow- most of the digital certificates have an expiration date, where most of the physical certificates do not. This is not the case in every situation, but definitely check for an expiration date.

Can I use more than one certificate at a time?

Each option has certificate restrictions listed on the website. But most places are limited to one certificate per check or per table.

When will different certificates be available?

Only one new certificate will go on sale every Friday. The team at WABI is constantly working on providing new products for you.

How long with these certificates be available? Are they on sale for a limited time?

After posted on the It's Our Treat page on, certificates will remain for sale until they are sold out or the certificates expire.

What if I am a business owner and I want to participate in It's Our Treat?

Please email Kim Lee - - and someone from our sales team will contact you.